Nate Archer joined Geopetro in 2010 and has worked in numerous capacities across the business.  He is currently the Team Lead on new corporate projects, exploration, and acquisitions where he works closely with Geopetro’s Technical Team.  In addition, Mr. Archer collaborates with the other two members of Geopetro’s Management Team on corporate finance matters, particularly in his role as Team Lead for Marketing and Hedging.

Being a second-generation oilman, Mr. Archer distinctly remembers working and listening to his father in 1998 at the bottom of one of the industry's many boom & bust cycles.  He learned how Geopetro’s then recent drilling success was almost single-handedly keeping the company alive, while many companies were struggling to stay in business.  The providential reality that Geopetro’s small stake in a high-risk, high-reward exploration project could “save the company” has not been lost on Mr. Archer.  He has remained dedicated to learning all aspects of a vast, complex business while recognizing and capturing opportunity across business cycles.

Mr. Archer received a Bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University.   He currently serves as Vice President of the Ohio Geological Society, and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Oil and Gas Association.